What We Do

Display Advertising

We specialize in Display Advertising and have the ability to reach target audiences all over the world. Our unique data targeting methodologies and our manual and programmatic real time campaign optimization deliver the highest ROI.

Data Leveraging

Our focus is to provide excellent results; we use predictive analytics and data mining solutions to quickly identify and serve ads to users who have a high probability of becoming your costumers. Furthermore, we continue optimizing your campaigns with statistical analysis.

What We Do Dataly Media


Dataly Media 3D Dataspace


We leverage big data to target your audience very specifically. We target based on location, demographics, user behaviors & lifestyles and many more variables. Our goal is to boost your ROI and assure that potential customers see your brand and effectively convert into actual customers.

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Programmatic Solutions

We combine our data management capabilities with our state-of-the-art Demand Side Platform (DSP) which is connected to all important sources of display media publishers and bids on the available impressions in real time.  Our advertisers will benefit with great efficiency and transparency.

Dataly Media Account Management


We are a company of online marketing professionals providing dedicated account management and campaign optimization. We will deliver effective traffic and enormous reach accompanied by our expertise, fast response and personalized account management.